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Chapter Objectives

The aims and objectives of the WNY Chapter of the Association of the United States Army shall be wholly educational, literary, scientific; fostering esprit de corps, dissemination of professional knowledge, and the promotion of the efficiency of the Army components of the Armed Forces and our Country; and by local action to further the aims and objectives of the Association of the United States Army.
AUSA Mission

There are many different interpretations of what AUSA does for the military, but if you were able to break it down and tell someone in a 30-second elevator pitch, we feel it would be “to educate Congress about the US Army and its needs”. By educating Congress it allows AUSA the ability to influence funding, benefits, and help Congress understand what the needs of the Army are in order to provide for the defense of our country.

The 126 Chapters spread around the world are the first steps in getting those needs up to AUSA National, which not only supports the Chapters but also works with members of Congress. So as a Chapter we look for input from our members and then we roll that up and push that to AUSA National for consideration in the yearly Agenda.

The WNY Chapter also tries to stay very involved in the WNY local community. We not only work with local units and family members but we also make it a point to be involved with Business and Government leaders at the local level.

AUSA is open to all Army ranks and all components -- including Active, National Guard, Army Reserve -- Government civilians, retirees, Wounded Warriors, Veterans, concerned citizens and family members. Indeed AUSA welcomes anyone who subscribes to the philosophy of a strong national defense with special concern for the Army. Community businesses and defense industry companies are also welcome to join AUSA. Join Now!